Academics and policymakers

We work well with academics, policymakers and others to promote learning, research and insight into the issues faced by adult survivors of childhood abuse.

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Academics and policymakers

One of the key lessons NAPAC has learned in the years we have supported adult abuse survivors is the importance of partnership working with academics, policymakers and others.  It is only through this joint approach that awareness of the issues can be raised, experiences shared and ultimately better outcomes for survivors gained.

NAPAC has the data, expertise and direct experience of working with survivors of abuse.  It is this genuine ‘voice of survivors’ that gives us the unique insight which informs our work.  We want to use this insight to partner more with academics, policymakers and others engaged in this area.  Whether this be through co-working on research projects, providing our expertise through consultancy work or partnering on events, we can work together.

Why is this important?  There are still significant gaps in understanding the effects that abuse has on people.  We know children find it hard to speak about abuse committed against them, as is the case for adults.  People who suffered physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect in childhood often believe that is just ‘the way it is’ for many people.  People are often told ‘It was a long time ago, get over it’.

This is not good enough for the survivors who deserve understanding, appropriate support, available services and a strong evidence base.  NAPAC will continue to working with others to make this happen.


We are building up our research function at NAPAC with the unique insight, data and experience we have gained over 19 years of supporting survivors.


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