Our Impact in 2020/21: The Key Facts & Figures

Recently we published our 2020/21 Impact Report, providing vital insight into the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on UK survivors. Our statistics show huge increases in the provision of support for survivors, the number of survivors using NAPAC’s resources and the volume of young people reaching out for support.

2020/21 by the numbers

  • On average, NAPAC provided an additional 50 hours of direct support per month to survivors – a 20% increase on 2019


  • There was a 42% increase in the average number of monthly website users compared to 2019 – up from approximately 9,900 to 14,100


  • Average hours per month spent interacting with website resources increased by 118% on 2019


  • One in three callers to the support line was under the age of 35, up from less than one in five in 2019


  • There was an 8% jump in website users aged 18-24, which now make up 18% of monthly website traffic, approximately 2,500 users


  • In 2021 NAPAC trained 811 professionals, an increase of 89% from 429 in 2020


  • 97% of callers said that they felt better at the end of their call with NAPAC


  • 92p of every £1 donated to NAPAC was spent on supporting survivors directly and through advocacy


Commenting on the findings of the report, Gabrielle Shaw, our Chief Executive said:

“These statistics are a powerful indicator of a changing culture in which survivors are beginning to feel safer in sharing their experiences. I’m encouraged to see that more survivors are reaching out to NAPAC for support and advice and that our growing bank of online resources is proving so helpful.”

What were the issues for survivors?

Covid-19 had a significant impact upon the types of issues that survivors were raising on our support line, with many feeling triggered due to mask wearing, and sharp increases in the prevalence of drug and alcohol use. For the majority of survivors, access to therapy was changed, creating issues around privacy, and leaving them anxious that their data would be accessed by third parties.

However, 97% of callers to the support line said that they felt better after their call with NAPAC, describing our services as “a lifeline”, “a miracle” and citing feeling “brave” and “empowered” after contacting NAPAC.

The report is compiled using anonymised data from tens of thousands of survivors who have interacted with our services between March 2020 and April 2021 and is available in full here.

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