IICSA’s Truth Project – The Latest Statistics

This guest post was authored by Sharon Moohan, Partner at BLM LAW

What is the Truth Project?

More than 6,000 survivors of child sexual abuse have shared their experiences with the Truth Project, which is part of the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse. Initially established as a pilot programme in 2015, it provided survivors with the opportunity to give an account of their experience of abuse, hoping to learn from survivors to improve overall child protection and advance support for survivors.

The experiences shared with the Truth Project have formed the basis for much of the Inquiry’s research into areas including educational institutions, sports and healthcare, providing huge insight into survivors’ experiences within specific settings.

The Latest Figures 

This research has run alongside the inquiry’s regular Truth Project dashboard publications, which have provided a useful overview of accounts shared. The inquiry’s most recent dashboard found that of the 5,440 accounts so far analysed:

  • 88% cited the abuse having an impact on their mental health, with over a third reporting depression
  • Just over two thirds did not tell anyone about the sexual abuse at the time it was happening
  • 45% reported an illness or condition that affects their day-to-day life
  • One in 10 were talking about an experience of child sexual abuse for the first time when they spoke to the Truth Project.


The project closed at the end of October 2021 so that all of the accounts shared can be used to inform the Inquiry’s Final Report, due to be published in 2022.

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