Islington Council establishing support payment scheme for non-recent abuse

This guest post was authored by Sharon Moohan, Partner at BLM LAW

The circumstances

In September of 2017 Islington Council issued an apology to victims of child abuse in Islington care homes for the council’s past failings.

In March of this year, the Executive at Islington Council approved the proposed support payment scheme to provide financial support for eligible survivors and victims who suffered abuse while placed in the council’s children’s homes from 1966-1995. On the 14th October 2021, Islington Council voted in favour of establishing the support payment scheme.

What does this mean for survivors? 

The SPS means that survivors can receive a financial support payment of £10,000, without having to bring a civil compensation claim; it is designed to enable rapid payment without having to go through the often lengthy and traumatic process of the civil compensation process. An independent advocacy service will also be provided to assist applicants where this is reasonably required.

The SPS will be open for two years though this may be extended or shortened as required.

Islington Council states that the SPS is only one part of a wider support scheme which includes trauma counselling, specialist advice, support and assistance for care, housing, appropriate welfare benefits, access to further education and suitable employment and support to access care records.

Islington council has forecast in the region of 2000 applicants and reserved £16 million to cover direct scheme costs.

The SPS is projected to launch in Spring 2022.

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