A brief statement on Prince Andrew’s settlement with Virginia Giuffre

Our thoughts on the ethical implications of Prince Andrew’s proposed charitable contribution.

NAPAC exists to support survivors of childhood abuse. We also know that it can be very difficult for survivors to find the courage to reach out for support. Part of the reason so many thousands of people get in touch with NAPAC is that they trust us to believe them, to listen to them and that they will be supported from a place of empathy and warmth.

The statement by Prince Andrew states that he ‘never intended to malign Ms Giuffre’s character, and he accepts that she has suffered both as an established victim of abuse and as a result of unfair public attacks’.

Whilst this is helpful, the statement does not address the myriad of unanswered questions surrounding Prince Andrew’s involvement in the alleged abuse, nor the contradictory rhetoric employed by the Prince’s legal team over the past few months. NAPAC knows from what we hear consistently on the support line just how damaging attempts to undermine and discredit their experiences are to survivors.

That trust that survivors place in NAPAC underpins how the charity carries out its work. NAPAC acknowledges and is grateful to the many generous fundraisers and donors who are survivors or supporters of survivors themselves.

With this trust being core to NAPAC’s approach, any support for the charity that Prince Andrew may offer would raise significant concerns as to the ethical implications of accepting money or patronage from an individual who is a suspected perpetrator and who had ties to a convicted offender.

If there is anyone who has been negatively impacted or triggered by this story, our support line can be reached on 0808 801 0331 or we can be contacted at support@napac.org.uk

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