About our support line and support email service

If you want to talk about what you experienced in childhood and how it is affecting you now, you can call our support line or email our support team.

Need to talk? Call our support line team, free from landlines or mobiles.

0808 801 0331

10am-9pm Mondays to Thursdays & 10am-6pm on Fridays

Calls will not show on your bill

NAPAC’s series of six booklets for survivors and those who support them are free to download
and are also available in audio format

What can you expect when calling our Support Line?

We promise to keep what you tell us completely confidential.

The only exceptions to this are if we learn that an adult or child is at imminent risk of harm or if we are given information about acts of terrorism or money laundering. In those circumstances alone we are obliged to inform the police or other authorities.


Click here to download and print NAPAC’s support line poster

  • NAPAC’s Support Line is staffed by trained volunteers and team members, some of them with years of experience of speaking with survivors in a range of settings. Some of the volunteers and staff identify as survivors; others do not.

  • We offer supportive and non-judgmental listening in calls of up to 30 minutes.  The caller is in charge.  Whatever questions you may have, however painful your memories may feel that day, or whatever it is you need to share about your abuse history, we are here to listen and support.

  • Our primary goal is to encourage and empower survivors to take control of their healing and recovery. We do this by offering empathy, validation, normalisation, understanding and care.  We can also offer information for those who have questions about the impact of abuse, common coping mechanisms, and the different ways in which healing and recovery can be achieved over time.

  • We do not provide general or legal advice, therapy, mental health diagnoses, or call-backs. However, we can signpost you to key organisations around the country that provide these services or who may be better placed to signpost you to local support organisations.


What can you expect when contacting our Support email?

Sometimes writing down your feelings can be easier than talking. You can write to us with any questions or comments about abuse experienced in childhood, its impact in adulthood, your recovery experiences, or to find longer-term support in your area. Unfortunately we cannot offer ongoing support by email. There is a well moderated internet forum for survivors of all types of abuse and neglect on the HAVOCA site please click here. 

We aim to respond to all emails as promptly as possible, but it may take several days at busy times. 

We regularly face very high demand on our support line. Calls may last up to half an hour, so if all our lines are busy, please be patient and try again.

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