Our live training workshops are all directed by a fully trained facilitator and will provide you with practical, actionable advice and best practice

Our training workshops

Supporting Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in a Trauma Informed Way (SASCA)

Duration: 1 day

Description: The SASCA training will provide delegates with an understanding
of the enduring impacts of childhood abuse in adulthood and how best to
engage and work with survivors.

Vicarious Trauma and Resilience: A Practitioners’ Guide to Mitigating the Effects

Duration: 3 Hours

Description: Vicarious trauma describes the ‘cost of caring for others’ and is a very real risk for professionals dealing with traumatised clients on a regular basis. 

This workshop will make attendees aware of the potential signs of vicarious trauma and suggest impactful strategies aimed at mitigating risk and building personal resilience.

Understanding Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse

Duration: 3 Hours

Description: Survivors of abuse often cite a perceived lack of understanding or
support from professionals when reporting emotional abuse. 

This workshop
provides extensive grounding in how to identify narcissistic and emotional
abuse, its impact upon the survivor and any current legal considerations in this

Cultural Barriers to Disclosure of Abuse

Duration: 3 Hours

Description: The nature of culture can mean that survivors of abuse from
various backgrounds will have contrasting needs and face different barriers to disclosure. This workshop will prepare the attendee to consider the individual
needs of survivors across multiple cultures and religions.

Online Learning

Duration: Varies

Description: We currently offer two e-learning modules.

Understanding Survivors’ Stress Responses and Working with Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in a Trauma-Informed Way

Bespoke Training Packages

Duration: N/A

Description: For larger groups and organisations we can provide tailor made training packages specific to your needs.

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