Five ways to support NAPAC safely during the lockdown

We always appreciate your support and know a lot of people have had to change their fundraising plans for this spring and summer. We want you to prioritise self-care and staying safe, and are really humbled by how creative you’re getting to make sure you can still help our work – so we’ve come up with five ways you can safely support NAPAC at home;

  • Share our posts on social media to help more people find out about our services
  • Share our “flashbacks and grounding” page – it can help anyone finding the current situation tough  Coping with flashbacks
  • Nominate NAPAC as a charity for your organisation to support for any fundraising happening online or later in the year
  • Select NAPAC as your Amazon Smile recipient – it doesn’t cost you any more, but NAPAC gets a small donation for all your spend; here’s a handy how-to guide Amazon Smile
  • If you’re now working from home, consider donating the cost of a commute – but please only do so if you can afford to – we’re making sure our amazing support team can get to and from work safely, and this is a great way to help Charity checkout

If you have ideas for fundraising or would like support supporting us, please email [email protected]