How NAPAC advocates

Advocacy can mean different things to different people, so we want to take a moment to explain how we advocate for survivors at a national and international level.

We learn from listening to survivors

We analyse common themes and data trends from our support service, ensuring that we utilise survivors’ experiences to influence systemic change that improves safeguarding and extends support.

We partner strategically

NAPAC works with police forces, law firms, government departments and NHS trusts to promote trauma-informed practice and survivor-focused initiatives. Childhood abuse is a public health issue, and we must take a holistic, collaborative approach to support and prevention.

We educate

Abuse thrives in silence and secrecy. NAPAC regularly speaks at industry conferences, seminars, roundtables and working groups to dispel the many myths around childhood abuse. We want everyone to understand the scope of the issue, the impacts of abuse, and the type of support that is needed to facilitate recovery.

Please note, NAPAC does not offer advocacy services on an individual basis.

Our recent advocacy work

Designing sexual assault referral centres

NAPAC and At Scale Limited collaborated on the trauma-informed design of six new all age Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) across the Southeast of England.

Integrating survivor voice in the work of the CSE taskforce

NAPAC co-leads the Victims and Survivors Engagement thematic area of the CSE Taskforce, ensuring that survivors' voices and experiences inform the future of national policing.

Launching the Survivors and Justice Symposium

Our inaugural symposium focused on how cross-sector collaboration across justice, healthcare and the third sector can improve survivor support.