It Still Matters

On Monday 1 February the Ministry of Justice is launching a new campaign to raise awareness of the support available for victims and survivors of sexual violence and sexual abuse. This innovative campaign aims to help survivors take that vital first step in accessing support.

NAPAC is proud to support and be featured in this campaign.

This is the first ever national sexual violence and sexual abuse campaign the Ministry of Justice has run and has been developed in full consultation with survivors and support services organisations.

The central message is that whenever the abuse happened, it still matters, and support is available. NAPAC supports survivors of all types of abuse, including sexual, physical, emotional, narcissism, and neglect. We know many survivors of sexual abuse have also experienced other forms of abuse, particularly emotional abuse, and experience isolation and loneliness in adulthood. We hope this campaign encourages all survivors to seek support.


Resources for survivors

The Ministry of Justice has launched a new website (link below) that signposts the range of support available, including from NAPAC, as well as providing information on individuals’ rights under the Victims’ Code.


Supporting NAPAC

NAPAC’s services are more in demand than ever before, and more awareness means more people contacting us for support. Donating to NAPAC is a practical way to help us reach more survivors, to take more calls, and keep developing new resources.

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