Listen to Charlie Webster’s new podcast series ‘Undiscussable’

19 November 2019

Charlie Webster is a survivor of childhood abuse and a broadcaster and campaigner against domestic abuse. Over the past year she has been making a documentary podcast series called ‘Undiscussable’.

Gabrielle Shaw, CEO of NAPAC, said: “This series covers many of the issues we hear about on the NAPAC support line every day about the lifelong impacts on a child who grows up in an abusive home. Charlie’s openness about how the abuse has affected her as an adult and how it has impacted her relationships will help others to realise they are not alone in feeling that way and to reach out for support. It is an inspiring story, too, about recovery from an abusive childhood.”

Charlie Webster said of the series: “It’s a deeply personal, raw investigation and challenging rethinking of domestic abuse. It is for survivors made by survivors and I think incredibly inspiring for other victims and survivors but it is also to challenge the government and their failings around domestic abuse and to educate society on its impact.”

Charlie continued: “The podcast series follows the rise of the domestic abuse bill until its recent fall. It includes victims’ stories throughout in a way never publicly heard, it is ALL inclusive with female, male, child, LGBT and BAME victims. A psychologist which I later reveal as my own, guides us through understanding behaviours of abuse. It also shines a light on how bad the system can be, failings by police, CPS and a breakdown of why our legal system doesn’t work.”

To listen to the podcast series on Spotify click here Undiscussable on Spotify

To listen to the podcast series on Apple click here Undiscussable on Apple Podcast

About Charlie Webster

Charlie is a member of the Ministry of Justice victims panel where for the last five years she advised on sexual and domestic abuse – Charlie Webster’s website

Key facts

Around one in five adults aged 16 to 59 (an estimated 6.2 million people) have experienced some form of abuse as a child, according to the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) for the year ending March 2016

In England and Wales
– 9% of adults experienced psychological abuse during childhood.
– 7% suffered physical abuse in childhood
– 7% suffered sexual assault in childhood
– 8% witnessed domestic violence or abuse in the home during childhood
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