NAPAC’s first Christmas Campaign – twelve days of transformation

Donate to NAPAC’s first Christmas campaign

Over the next six weeks we will be sharing stories to celebrate the hope and hard work that makes our support groups unique and transformational.

Each support group is for twelve survivors of abuse in childhood and run by two exceptional facilitators, following a psycho-education programme of twelve sessions over twelve weeks. It is a big commitment to take part, but even so we usually get at least 20 applications for each space. In 2020, we want to run more support groups, and make more support groups possible each year, and we’re asking for your help.

If we raise £12,000 by the end of January 2020, we will…
• Run an extra support group in 2020
• Conduct an evaluation of our support groups and share what we learn
• Connect with more organisations who support survivors in more regions

As well as donating, you can help by…
• Sharing NAPAC posts on social media
• Sharing your stories of hope and transformation
• Asking your organisation to arrange a Christmas collection or match fund donations to NAPAC

This is NAPAC’s first campaign of this kind. We’ve always focussed on raising awareness, and now we need to also raise funds as demand continues to grow. It is wonderful that more people are finding our services and contacting us, and over the last three years we have restructured so we can answer more calls and emails. We have developed a new strategy to continue improving access to support for survivors, expanded our training, and updated our booklets for survivors.

To ensure our services continue to be available for those who need us you’ll see more about our fundraising, our impact, and what we can achieve together.

Donate to NAPAC’s first Christmas campaign


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