NAPAC’s training goes national

NAPAC will be expanding its training programme in 2018. Our one-day SASCA course, accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health, will run Leeds on Thu 15 February 2018, Nottingham on 17 April and further courses will run in Cardiff and in London over the following 6 months.

Our SASCA training course will enhance your professional development by offering you a greater understanding of how to work compassionately and effectively with survivors, so you can improve and broaden your competence, knowledge and skills and apply trauma-informed principles.

Two experienced facilitators will address many of the issues that professionals encounter when engaging with individuals recovering from complex trauma and PTSD.

We’re also running training courses in London on Sat 17 March and Nottingham on 17 April. We offer on-site training for organisations. Find out more NAPAC Training

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