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Peter Saunders – review update

It is with regret the NAPAC Board of Trustees has suspended Pete Saunders from his role as Founder and Spokesperson with immediate effect. This period of suspension will allow a process of investigation into the issues raised by a story published on 25 August 2019 regarding an incident in 2008.

Home Office funds NAPAC support line for another year

NAPAC has been awarded £347,712 from the Home Office through its Support for Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (SVSCSA) Fund, which is invested in UK-wide projects to support victims and survivors as they rebuild their lives.

Comment on Carl Beech verdict

Carl Beech was proven to be a serial liar and a fraud, falsely claiming to be the victim of a VIP child abuse ring. “The wider harm done to genuine survivors of childhood abuse is incalculable.”

What the Archers highlights so well about childhood abuse

Many of the issues which came up in the Archers on BBC Radio 4 last week are things we hear about on our support line every day. We are on track to reach taking 12K calls our support line this year. Around one in seven people were telling someone for the very first time about what happened to them as a child. Find out more about the support we offer.

Restorative Justice solutions

Restorative Justice may be used for child sexual abuse cases. It represents a very powerful alternative to the traditional criminal justice route and can prevent the inevitable re-traumatisation that comes from giving statements and cross-examination in court.

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