Nicky Campbell on recovery from childhood abuse

Recently Nicky Campbell dedicated his Radio 5 Live morning show to discussing the issue of childhood abuse, including speaking about the physical abuse that he experienced and witnessed at school.

NAPAC welcomes Nicky’s openness and his efforts to include the voices of survivors in an exceptional piece of radio that resonated with many who tuned in.

Our own Dr Jon Bird joined Nicky, listening to survivors speak about what happened to them, and talked through his own experience of childhood abuse and NAPAC’s knowledge around the challenges and triumphs of recovery.

Whilst this is very emotive content that could  potentially be triggering, the show covered many of the themes and questions which are frequently mentioned by survivors who contact NAPAC’s support line.

Why did I not tell anyone at the time? Was it really abuse? Why do I feel guilty? How can I move on from this? Where does recovery begin?

The full show is available here, (the Wednesday 27 July episode) and whilst we advise listening with caution, it may be greatly informative for many survivors.

Commenting on the show, our Chief Executive, Gabrielle Shaw said:

“Thoughtful, honest discussions on the issue of childhood abuse are exactly what we need in order to improve support for survivors and encourage anyone affected to speak out. On Nicky Campbell’s show we saw a brilliant working example of how mainstream media can encourage these discussions in a sensitive and open manner. Childhood abuse is a huge public health issue which can only be properly addressed when everyone becomes aware of the sheer scale of it. More coverage like this is vital in spreading this knowledge”.

Having spoken briefly with the Radio 5 Live team after the show, there has been an overwhelming response from callers wishing to disclose the abuse they experienced, the majority for the first time in their lives.

If you’re a survivor yourself or a supporter of a survivor, NAPAC can be reached on 0808 801 0331, or you can find our self-help guides here.

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