RSPH accredits NAPAC’s trauma-informed e-learning course

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has accredited NAPAC’s e-learning course ‘Working with Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in a Trauma-informed Way’. This five-hour CPD course will enable healthcare professionals to offer a more trauma-informed approach in their work, so they can deliver a more compassionate service to survivors whilst reducing their own vicarious trauma.

Traumatic or highly stressful childhood experiences are known to have lifelong emotional, behavioural and physiological impacts. A growing body of research now exists which shows that many mental and physical illnesses and general emotional distress are associated with unprocessed traumatic experiences.

The key goal of trauma-informed practice is to raise awareness amongst professionals about the wide impact of trauma and to prevent the re-traumatisation of clients in service settings that are meant to support and assist healing. It also raises awareness of and guards against the risks of vicarious trauma for staff who regularly engage with traumatised clients.

Gabrielle Shaw, NAPAC’s CEO, said: “We hear regularly from health professionals and counsellors asking for advice on how to support someone who suffered abuse in childhood. We also hear from survivors who are have struggled to access the support they need or have felt re-traumatised by their experiences with health services. This e-learning course will help to share best practice and will hopefully lead to a more trauma-informed approach to service delivery. We’re pleased that the quality of our course has been recognised by RSPH.”

Janice Constable, RSPH Director of Educational Services, said: “This e-learning programme provides important training for professionals who may find themselves providing support or services for adults who have experienced childhood abuse. It provides learners with comprehensive background knowledge and helps them to empower adult survivors they may meet during their work”.

This e-learning training course is suitable for professionals such as nurses, GPs, practice managers, clinical leads, counsellors, police and social care workers. The course explores how to respond sensitively and effectively to first disclosures, survival strategies and coping mechanisms in adults, post-traumatic stress reactions and trauma-informed practices.

Book our e-learning course. The course can be completed in several sittings. Working with Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in a Trauma-informed Way

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