Twins Alex and Marcus Lewis are the subject of an extraordinary new documentary, “Tell Me Who I Am,” debuting globally on Netflix Friday 18th October 2019.

Alex was in his late teens when a motorcycle accident wiped out his memory, except for one thing: he recognised and knew his twin Marcus. In this documentary, Alex trusts his twin, Marcus, to tell him about his past after he loses his memory. But Marcus is hiding a dark family secret.

Gabrielle Shaw, CEO of NAPAC, said: “We’re really grateful to Marcus and Alex for sharing their unique story through this film. We are sure it will help to start conversations and for many people this may be their first step in seeking support.”

“Saying out loud what happened to you is a challenging but profound experience. For most, it is a crucial step in their recovery journey.”

Many people find our series of six booklets really helpful. These are available to download in PDF or audio

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The documentary is available on Netflix

You can watch the “Tell me who I am” trailer on YouTube

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