Advice for young adults on recovering from childhood abuse

Take control of your story. If you’re unsure of who to talk to, regarding yourself or even someone who has disclosed to you, you can always talk to us. We’re here to listen, and our primary aim is ensuring that you receive the support and information that you need.  

Reach out when you’re ready

Call our free, confidential support line:

0808 801 0331

Monday to Thursday: 10am – 9pm

Friday: 10am – 6pm

Saturday and Sunday – Closed

We are here for you

You’re not alone in this. More and more young adults are disclosing earlier in life, enabling them to work through their trauma and begin recovery. If you’re here, reading this, then you’re already making progress.

We know that talking can be tough and isn’t accessible for everyone, so you can also email us at and we’ll respond within two working days.


Grounding techniques

Grounding techniques can help if you are experiencing flashbacks or anxiety. 

Child on Child Abuse

Abuse can happen in any relationship where there is a power imbalance, including a child’s relationship with his or her peers. Our booklet explains the nature of child-on-child abuse, where and how it can occur, and how to get help.

Take control of your story

Support our campaign and help NAPAC reach more young adults, provide more free support and resources at this critical time, and take control of your story.

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Advice for Under 18s

If you are under the age of 18 and are experiencing abuse or are worried about a friend or loved one who is also underage, there are several actions you can take.


Childline are available online and on the phone at anytime


If you need someone to talk to about your own experience of abuse or are anxious about a friend, then you can get in touch with the NSPCC here


YoungMinds Crisis Messenger offers 24/7 support for young people experiencing a mental health crisis


If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or think someone close to you may be, Papyrus are open 9am-12am, 365 days a year for support and advice

The Proud Trust

The Proud Trust provides a range of services and information for LGBT+ youth, including local groups and events

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