The damage caused by abuse in childhood can be and often is horrific, but there is always hope for recovery, given the right support. Donate today and help us to support more people.


What we want to do for survivors

To meet the needs of survivors over the long term, we want to grow and develop even further. Find out how in our strategic plan

NAPAC’s strategic plan 2018-2023

How you can help

We’re a small charity with just 13 staff, so every contribution makes a real difference to us. Making a regular committed donation is the most valuable way of supporting our work. You can do this through the form below or via  Justgiving/NAPAC or contact us.

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Making a regular donation is the best way to support our work. Your gift will help us to be there for every survivor.

Where the money is going

Thanks to you we can provide our vital support services to survivors.

We’re a small charity with just 13 staff, so every contribution makes a real difference to us. In 2018 we took 6,458 calls on our support line and had 87,619 call attempts. People may struggle to get through, because of the high demand. With your help we can expand the support we can offer to survivors, through our support line and email and also our support groups.

Our support line has an overwhelmingly positive impact on callers, leaving them feeling less isolated and less distressed, and with an improved sense of wellbeing. Over 90% of callers felt ‘much’ or ‘a little’ better at the end of the call.

We ran two survivor support groups in 2019, between them supporting 20 people over 12 weeks. We plan to run more when there is funding to do so. Many participants tell us these facilitated psycho-educational support groups have transformed their lives and have been the most effective support they have ever received.

We also trained over 700 professionals to better understand how to support the survivors they work with.

  • £5 a month could help us answer even more calls.
  • £10 a month could help us train more volunteers to run our support line
  • £25 a month could pay towards a support group to help someone come to terms with impacts of their childhood trauma.

Your support will help people to lead more active, engaged and healthy lives, with benefits to their families and society.

Considering putting NAPAC in your will?

A gift to NAPAC in your will help us ensure that in future more survivors will get the support they need.  Find out more about how to make a legacy gift

Making a legacy gift to NAPAC

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