NAPAC is the only nationwide charity providing a free support service to all adult survivors of any type of abuse in childhood. You can donate with confidence – NAPAC spends 89p from every £1 on supporting survivors, and the other 11p on fundraising and advocacy. 



So many people donate to NAPAC as a way of giving back and saying thank you for support they received, and the messages our donors send are such an inspiration!

If you have any questions about donating, how we spend our money, or have ideas about your own fundraising please contact 

How we spend donations

We’re a small charity with just 17 staff and a pool of amazing volunteers, and every contribution to NAPAC makes a real difference.

Through our charitable activities and training, 89p from every £1 we spend goes towards supporting survivors. The other 11p goes to raising the funding needed to maintain and develop our services, including developing this impact report, and other advocacy. We are proud of this, knowing it reflects our priorities and keeps our services sustainable.

We published our first ever Impact report in Febrary 2021. In 2019-2020, our support service answered 8,621 calls 1,649 emails. Over 117,000 people used our website.

Our support line has an overwhelmingly positive impact, with over 90% saying they felt ‘much’ or ‘a little’ better at the end of the call. It costs about £25 to answer each call, and we answer thousands every year. 

We ran two survivor support groups in 2019-2020, before the lockdowns. These are transformational, and we’re working on a new model for 2021. Each place costs about £1,000 and we can only run the groups when we have funding. 

We also trained over 500 professionals in trauma-informed practice so they can provide better services to their clients, and each other. This is a paid-for service, and provides valuable income to develop more resources for survivors. 


We believe every individual has the right to leave the impact of childhood abuse behind, grow as a person, and enjoy a happy and fulfilled adult life. Every donation is an investment in survivors.

Considering remembering NAPAC in your will?

A gift to NAPAC in your will help us ensure that in future more survivors will get the support they need.  Find out more about how to make a legacy gift

Making a legacy gift to NAPAC

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