Transform lives

NAPAC is the only nationwide charity providing a free support service to all adult survivors of any type of abuse in childhood. You can donate with confidence – NAPAC spends 89p from every £1 on supporting survivors, and the other 11p on fundraising and advocacy.

Invest in recovery

We believe every individual has the right to leave the impact of childhood abuse behind, grow as a person, and enjoy a happy and fulfilled adult life.

Every donation is an investment in recovery and supporting survivors.

Your donations answer the phone in a moment of crisis, they enable us to send free self-care booklets to survivors, they allow us to put on life-changing support groups. Every decision we take is survivor-led and geared towards offering hope and facilitating recovery.

Despite our name, NAPAC is a small charity, with 17 staff and a team of amazing volunteers, your generosity goes a long way. 

Donate today

Make a one-off donation or set up a recurring gift today. 

If you want to donate more than £3,000 (thank you!) please contact us so we can process your gift directly. 

Our partner Enthuse will collect GiftAid if you are a UK taxpayer.

Answer a call

On average it costs £25 to answer a call to our survivor support service. 

Calls are taken by our amazing Stockport team who provide emotional support and understanding, in confidence. 

If you can spare it, we’d be grateful to be able to answer a few more calls!

Fundraise for us

Set up your own fundraising page and collect donations for NAPAC from your community event, sporting challenge, or trivia quiz.

Email us to let us know about your event or challenge so we can share the inspiration!


Trusts & foundations

Grants help us support more survivors more effectively every year, through expanding our support services, delivering more support groups in more regions, and widening access.



Corporate support

Donations, in-kind support, partnerships, sponsorship, and consultancy on trauma-informed practice are all part of how we work with businesses. 

Let’s talk about how we can work together.


In memory & legacies

Remembering NAPAC in your Will, or making a gift in someone’s memory, is a lasting way to ensure more survivors are supported for years to come. As a registered charity a legacy to NAPAC is exempt from inheritance tax. 

We can help with wording and make sure your intentions are carried out.

Supporting recovery, transforming lives

Every contribution to NAPAC makes a real difference.

Find out more about NAPAC and our impact here

Fundraising Regulator

If you have any questions about donating, how we spend our money, or have ideas about your own fundraising please get in touch.