Survivors and Justice Survey

If you are a survivor of abuse in childhood, we want to know more about what justice means to you.

Please note this survey is now CLOSED, this page will be updated in due course.

Why are we undertaking this survey?

NAPAC recently undertook significant research into ‘survivors as stakeholders’, which established ten positive outcome themes that survivors had told us they wanted. The two outcomes most commonly mentioned in the research were support and justice. We are undertaking this survey because justice was important to survivors, and we want to know more about what that looks like in practice.

Survivors and justice survey introduction and participant information

This survey is about justice, in the broadest sense.

This survey is for all adults who experienced any form of abuse in childhood. We want to get as many perspectives as possible, whether or not you have have reported what happened or have used NAPAC’s support services. We are undertaking this survey because justice was important to survivors, and we want to learn more about your experiences with justice and what you hope it could be.

There are ten questions all on this one page. There are no questions about abuse and none are mandatory, so you can complete as much or as little as you choose. There are multiple choice and open text options, and you can use either or both. The multiple choice options are based on the ‘survivors as stakeholders’ research, reflecting what NAPAC has learned from survivors. We use the term ‘survivor’ to be consistent, recognising there are other terms some people prefer.

The survey has now closed. Responses will be analysed by NAPAC, and used to inform our advocacy work, including national policing through the CSE Taskforce and Hydrant programme. All responses will stay anonymous and be stored securely, compliant with GDPR. If you want to talk about what you experienced in childhood and how it is affecting you now, you can call or email NAPAC’s support team, and use our free online resources.

Thank you for your time and sharing your experiences. Please click “submit” at the end to complete and close the survey.