Trauma-informed organisations

Our world-leading framework enables an organisational transformation that will:

– Safeguard employee wellbeing

– Encourage staff retention

– Help create a modern, trauma-informed working environment

Protect your staff against burnout and build a robust support system, starting today.

The benefits of a trauma-informed approach:

  • Improved staff retention

  • A more resilient workforce

  • Better relationships between management and staff

  • An in-depth understanding of diverse needs and accommodations

  • An attractive prospect for top talent

  • Enhanced awareness of trauma-symptoms and how to engage with traumatised people, leading to better outcomes for staff and clients

  • All of which contributes to an environment with fewer unscheduled sick days taken and an increased sense of wellbeing and agency amongst employees

How we can help transform your organisation

Using several key thematic areas and three stages of change, NAPAC can work with you to implement a robust, tailored framework, ensuring that your company takes a trauma-informed approach that will benefit both productivity and wellbeing.

With widespread staff training and a forward-thinking approach to safeguarding, collaboration and trauma-informed practice, you will have all the tools you need to safeguard the wellbeing of your employees and create an inclusive, happier workplace.

How long does it take?

We can work to your timeframe, but stage one of a typical project implementation is completed in less than three months.

How much does it cost?

Every organisation will be at a different stage of their trauma-informed journey, so every project is unique. 

Email to arrange a free, confidential consultation call.

Who have you trained previously?

Police forces, solicitors, private companies and IAPT departments from across the UK. Every year we train hundreds of professionals in trauma-informed approaches.

Read our customer case studies.

Why does my organisation need to be trauma- informed?

In short, because the majority of your employees and clients will have been affected by trauma.

Trauma has become part of our everyday experience and language. As well as personal challenges, we have all faced adversity, from Covid-19 to the increasing economic hardship of the last five years.

In Axa’s 2022 survey of workplace mental health across 11 countries, the UK was found to have the largest proportion of employees struggling with mental health issues. 21% were in a state of ‘emotional distress’ and 26% had an ‘absence of positive wellbeing’.

How do I get in touch?

That’s easy. Just email to arrange a free, confidential consultation call or select ‘training for professionals’ from the drop-down menu below, and fill out the form.

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We support all survivors

NAPAC is here for all adult survivors of childhood abuse, including men.

We set no standards for what it means to identify or describe oneself as male or female, either now or in the past, either publicly or privately and  understand gender identity can be fluid .

For us, this includes cisgender (cis), transgender (trans), intersex, and non-binary identities, individuals, and communities.