Online Learning

Our online learning modules provide intensive, in-depth
learning that you can complete from the comfort of your own home or office.
You can start the courses at any time and complete them in as many sittings as
you like.
The revenue we generate from these is vital in funding our free support
services and expanding them to reach more survivors.

Understanding Survivors’ Stress Responses

Duration: 5 hours


A deep-dive into survivors’ stress responses.
This course will help you:

Understand the role of a stress response in the context of trauma.

Recognise the impact of stress upon the survivor’s brain development.

Understand the relationship between the physical, emotional and
psychological symptoms reported by survivors of childhood abuse and
chronic stress.

Empower and support survivors in their recovery.

Working with Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in a Trauma-Informed Way

Duration: 5 Hours


Extensive grounding in supporting adult survivors of child abuse in a trauma-informed way
This course will help you:

Recognise and describe the impact of child abuse on emotional, mental
and physical health in adulthood.

Identify and explain common coping mechanisms.

Recognise and mitigate common triggers and stress reactions.

Receive disclosures of abuse with greater confidence.

Empower and support survivors in their recovery.