Publication of IICSA’s Investigation Report on The Anglican Church

Tuesday 6 October 2020

NAPAC welcomes the publication today of IICSA’s investigation report on safeguarding policies and practices in the Anglican Church. The findings of the report resonate with the stories we have heard from survivors for over twenty years, especially secrecy, inadequate safeguarding, barriers to reporting and retraumatisation.

Professor Alexis Jay, Chair of IICSA said:

“If real and lasting changes are to be made, it’s vital that the Church improves the way it responds to allegations from victims and survivors and provides proper support for those victims over time.”

Recommendation seven is focussed on support for victims and survivors. We are pleased this recommendation includes how important it is that support options are available as required over time and reflect the changing needs of each individual victim and survivor.

The report highlights the importance of listening to survivors, continuing conversations, and ongoing professional training.

Gabrielle Shaw, Chief Executive of NAPAC, said:

“We urge the Anglican Church, and all institutions, to display a commitment to improvement and listen and learn from survivors who have experienced abuse within their care.”



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