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NAPAC is supported entirely by voluntary contributions. Financial arrangements with corporate organisations enable us to provide free support to survivors via our telephone line and website.


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Pursuing legal action

You may find some of the following legal resources and information helpful when considering legal action against your abuser.


  • The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICA) is a government-funded scheme designed to compensate victims of violent crime in Great Britain. To be eligible it requires all incidents to be reported to the police. If you were abused in Northern Ireland, the government-funded scheme designed to compensate victims of violent crime is Northern Ireland Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.
  • The Scottish government has recently amended its legislation around time limits relating to childhood abuse.  There is no longer a time bar on childhood abuse claims for compensation in the civil courts.  If you were abused as a child in Scotland and are thinking about making a claim for compensation, please read this helpful advice.
  • Rights of Women. Free confidential legal advice by specialist women solicitors and barristers.
  • Citizens Advice. Free advice about legal and civil rights and how citizens should be treated by the police.

Legal advice

NAPAC’s telephone support lines provides a listening service to our callers.  Some callers just want to talk about their experiences and feelings.  Other callers want more specific advice about reporting to the police or seeking legal advice.

Although NAPAC itself cannot provide legal advice, we are familiar with specialist law firms who work in the area of non-recent childhood abuse and can signpost to you to these below.

If you are looking for legal advice for your particular case, then you may wish to consider getting in touch with some of the following law firms.

Please be aware that in signposting we are not ‘recommending’ a particular law firm.  We suggest that anyone wishing to seek advice from a lawyer should consult more than one firm before coming to a decision.

NAPAC cannot provide your individual information or case directly to a law firm in regard to a potential claim.  Anyone seeking legal advice must contact the law firm directly.

You may also find a local solicitor via The Law Society

Enable Law

03303 116772


Gary Walker

Irwin Mitchell

0870 1500 100

Tracey Storey

Slater and Gordon

Tel: London 020 7657 1555  or Manchester 0161 383 3135

Richard Scorer

Bolt Burdon Kemp

020 7288 4800 or 07584 280 587


David McClenaghan


0141 430 7055


David Adams

Hugh James

0330 134 7940


Alan Collins

Leigh Day

020 7650 1200


Alison Millar


0113 8871834



Natalie Marrison





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