Who are Leigh Day?

Leigh Day Solicitors is a UK based law firm that specialises in many aspects of national and international personal injury, human rights, clinical negligence, employment, group claims and more. Consequently, the Leigh Day staff interact with survivors and traumatised individuals on a regular basis.

How did we work together?

NAPAC delivered in-depth, in-person training to over 35 Leigh Day solicitors so that they could better understand trauma and how to mitigate its negative impacts for both clients and staff.  3 one-day courses were run across three locations. The NAPAC trainer gave an extensive overview of psychological trauma and its impacts including scientific evidence and real world examples, before working with the team to prepare for challenging client scenarios.

In addition, staff were also taught to identify the warning signs and indicators of vicarious trauma and how to implement scientifically evidenced strategies to manage the personal effects of vicarious trauma in others and in the self.

More than 95% of staff agreed that the content of the training was both relevant and applicable to their role at the firm. 

50% of staff rated the overall course content as ‘excellent’, with the remainder of attendees rating the content as ‘very good’ or ‘good’.


What did Leigh Day think?

“A really good lesson on how to manage difficult conversations and recognise how to lead conversations with clients who have been through trauma.” 


“As a solicitor who typically works with clients who have experienced traumatic events, namely assaults and GBV, the topics were extremely relevant. The split between learning how trauma affects people, and then learning how to manage with vicarious trauma, was well-balanced.”


“I will be more prepared for the responses that I can expect both from myself and the traumatised client. I will be conscious of ensuring that I deal with the client in a sensitive and empathetic manner and that the client is clear about the nature of the legal process and it’s limitations.”