What is the Hydrant Programme?

The Hydrant Programme is part of the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s (NPCC) Child Protection and Abuse Investigation (CPAI) portfolio.

It works with UK forces, along with partners and stakeholders across the vulnerability sector to ensure a coordinated policing response to child abuse and exploitation.

How did we work together?

NAPAC delivered in-depth, in-person training on Vicarious Trauma directly to Hydrant Programme staff, imparting the background knowledge and necessary practical skills to spot the warning signs of Vicarious Trauma and safeguard staff mental health. The Hydrant Programme also delivers a schedule of continuous professional development training to officers who investigate allegations of child abuse, and work daily with victims and survivors.

NAPAC has supported this training with inputs to officers on how to develop a trauma informed approach to engaging with victims and survivors.

During the training, NAPAC trainers have shared their experiences of working with victims and focusing on victim/survivor trauma and vicarious trauma for those supporting them; particularly investigators. Our training included input from survivors of child abuse, who provide lived experience and insight from a victim/survivor perspective to help inform policing’s response.

The Hydrant Programme has described the training as ‘important in ensuring that the learning from past investigations continues to inform the investigations of today, and that the policing response to victims of child abuse continues to evolve, ensuring the best possible victim journey.’

Since December 2021, multiple police forces across England and Wales have benefited from this training. Feedback from police officers undergoing the training has been positive and is included in the testimonials below.

What did the Hydrant Programme think?


‘I enjoyed the NAPAC input particularly in relation to being trauma-informed and found the trainer to be relatable and engaging.’


‘The trainer’s inputs were difficult to digest as topic areas, but his openness and passion for victims was amazing –inspiring.’


‘Very difficult to hear the trainer’s story, but invaluable to hear the voice of the victim directly, it brings home what we do.’


‘The trainer’s input was very impactful. Thank you to Jon, for sharing lived experience, and facilitating a deeper understanding of trauma.’