Introduction to childhood abuse, trauma, and recovery

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Introduction to childhood abuse, trauma and recovery


This course provides an introduction to childhood abuse trauma and recovery. It reflects (recent) academic research and what we have learnt directly from survivors. It is suitable for any adult, including survivors and those supporting them, as well as professionals.


This course will cover:

  1. The facts and figures behind abuse in the UK
  2. Understanding abuse
  3. Trauma responses
  4. Psychoeducation
  5. Recovery
  6. Self-care


There is no time limit for this course, and though we recommend allowing three hours you can take longer. There are six activities where we recommend you make notes, which are also good places to take a break. You can also log out and return to complete the course at a later time.

Some of the content of this course may be triggering, so we recommend our pages on Flashbacks and grounding and our free Booklets, especially for survivors and those supporting them.

At the end of the course there is suggested further reading, including free resources, and a link to an anonymous feedback survey.